Property Management

We have worked in property management over the past two decades offering a bespoke approach to all our clients, either directly with single and multiple freeholders, and provide a full range of services, from financial management, legal and regulatory council to asset value maximisation.

Interestates shall ensure that all third parties are checked and approved and we will manage all supplier contracts swiftly and efficiently, always complying with your specific requirements and budget. We will scale our services according to your exact needs, and whether you are looking for select elements, or comprehensive asset management to maximise value of your properties, we shall also create solutions that are just right for your expectations and needs.

Why us?

      * We only manage a small number of select properties – you have your dedicated consultant available outside of working hours  

      *  Legal expertise gained through years of acting for all types of landlords

      * Full financial management including rents collection, service charge allocation and budgeting

      * Facilities management, general maintenance and new building strategy

      * Health and safety and regulatory compliance

      * Resident liaison and dispute resolution

      * All dealt directly with a personal touch!

 Our services include:

  • 24/7 call out service
  • Annual property inspection
  • Annual rent review and property valuation appraisals
  • Annual safety tests (gas & electric)
  • Deposit claim negotiation
  • Management of property during void periods
  • Managing termination and tenancy renewals
  • Marketing of the property
  • Obtaining general references
  • Pre- and post- tenancy repairs and maintenance
  • Rent and deposit collections
  • Service charge payment
  • Sourcing the best tenants
  • Tenancy agreements
  • Transfer of utility services
  • Vetting and overseeing maintenance contractors
  • Viewings for rentals

Please contact Aida Feriz